Non-profit and philanthropic sector development

Strategies for Increasing High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Giving in Australia (2011)

In 2010 Effective Philanthropy was engaged by Philanthropy Australia to produce a report identifying strategies for increasing high net worth and ultra high net worth giving in Australia on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. The report has been published here with permission from the Philanthropy Australia and the Commonwealth Government.

Authored by Regina Hill and Louise Doyle on behalf of Philanthropy Australia.

Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) Submission to the 2009 Productivity Commission Review into the Contribution of the Not for Profit Sector (2009)

In 2009 Effective Philanthropy provided support to VCOSS to develop a detailed submission to the Productivity Commission Review into the Contribution of the Not for Profit (NFP) Sector. That review considered how to measure and value the contribution of the NFP Sector and sought to identify opportunities for Government to better support the operation of the NFP Sector. The VCOSS submission makes detailed recommendations as to how best to measure and value the contribution that community service organisations (CSOs) make to Australian society and identifies steps that the CSO, Government, Business, Research, Philanthropy and Community Sectors can make to improve the capacity of CSOs and to better support the work that they do.

Cross-Sector Partnerships in a Crime Prevention Context (2007)

This Report reviewed the key success factors driving effective crime prevention activities and assesses the role that government, commercial and not-for-profit (cross-sector) partnerships can play in the implementation of community based crime prevention initiatives. The Report identifies what makes the design and implementation of cross-sector partnerships complex. It reviews different models for partnership and identifies key factors relating to partnership design, set up and replication that can make cross-sector partnerships more successful.

Regina Hill is the author of the Report which was commissioned by The Agora Think Tank.