Education and Transitions to Further Study and Work

Keeping Up - Strengthening Transitions from Education into Work for Indigenous Young People (2009)

Dusseldorp Skills Forum and Reconciliation Australia commissioned Effective Philanthropy to analyse the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous education and employment outcomes and provide insight into policy and practice options that can support Indigenous young people aged 15 to 25 years to improve thier participation in education, vocational training and work.
Authored by Regina Hill, Louise Doyle and Julie Sonnemann.

Our Children Our Future – Achieving Improved Primary and Secondary Education Outcomes for Indigenous Students” (2008)

This Report provides an understanding of current outcomes in Indigenous Education and their causes. It also provides an overview of investment opportunities and approaches for interested philanthropists.
Authored by Louise Doyle and Regina Hill, it was commissioned by the AMP Foundation and co-funded by the AMP Foundation, Effective Philanthropy and Social Ventures Australia.

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