Successful Schooling Toolkit

Successful Schooling: Techniques & Tools for Running a School to Help Students from Disadvantaged & Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds Succeed

"What an amazing blueprint for managing change, revitalising a school and strengthening processes and staff involvement ... I wish ALL schools had access to such a toolkit!"

Alan Davis, Principal, Mount Alexander College, Flemington

The Successful Schooling Toolkit is a practical ‘how to’ guide to assist schools and teachers to engage students from disadvantaged and non-English speaking backgrounds and help them to learn. The approaches described in the toolkit can help all students.

It explains what the most effective schools do on a day to day basis to engage students and help them to learn and provides handy tools so that schools and teachers can apply those practices themselves – and it’s free!

Using the Toolkit

Schools are invited to download and use this toolkit in whatever way they find useful. You may copy the toolkit for your own personal use or that of your school so long as you are not using the materials for financial gain and you clearly reference and attribute the work to this toolkit.

The toolkit has been produced as a navigable PDF file. (You will need to have version 7 of Adobe Reader or higher to read the file. You can download Adobe Reader here:   

You can move around the toolkit either by clicking on the section headings in the Content Index starting on page 8 or by using the navigation schematic on page 3.

The individual tools that have been included in the toolkit have been provided in both PDF and Microsoft Word format. The latter have been provided so that schools can download and amend them to suit their needs (e.g. by including their school logo and name where appropriate or amending the text). Users can access the PDF version of individual tools in the Toolkit by clicking on the spanner symbols in the toolkit. The Microsoft Word versions of the tools can be accessed by clicking on the pen and paper symbols in the Toolset Index.

You can also copy text from the toolkit by using standard copy and paste functions. (Where you do that please reference the toolkit appropriately.)

Click here to access the toolkit and use the schematic that comes up to navigate through to the sections of the toolkit that are of interest to you. Click on the section title in the schematic to move to that section of the toolkit, the spanner symbol to access tools relating to that section or the printer symbol to print the section and tools that you are interested in.

Click here to download the toolkit.


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